New Users Info

Welcome to our site !

This page will give you brief info about how this site works, please, read it carefully.


3 Important Things you need to know:


1) How the site works:

You can choose from two Membership Plans:

  • Free member 1 day
  • Monthly Membership $15 (per month)
  • Lifetime Membership $100


After your payment (for a membership) you will be able to download over 1200 courses immediately.

Also, we do/create Group Buys (marked as GB). Example: John Smith – Affiliate Blueprint 2017 (GB)

They have some easy rules such as wait time. If you do not want to participate, you have to wait couple of days to get access:

  • 40 days

Every GB has its own date of the start (in the post) – add 40 days.


Also, we have 0 products/courses which are accessible only via GB. No wait times. Special Group Buys:

So in recap:

  • 1200+ posts immediately
  • 3x Products accessible only via Extra Fee
  • ?x Group Buys with wait times (only fresh Group Buys, it means that our Old Group Buys are already available to all members)

Hopefully it is clear for you.


2) Downloading

All Direct Download Links – No Waiting Time – No Capcha – No Ads


3) Viewing and reading the files

For viewing video files I can recommend VLC Player (download here it is free)

For PDF – Adobe Reader.

Knowledge Base / FAQ

Have some question? Find the answer here !


Will my membership renew automatically?

Yes, we will automatically renew

Which payment options do you have?

You can pay with your Paypal, webmoney or you can use Bitcoin…

How to cancel the membership?

Please visit paypal support:

Can I pay by PayPal?

Please contact to get link paypal payment sign up or Update

I received some message about sharing accounts, I am not able to login, why?

Well, you can use 3 different IP´s during 24 hours. You have used more, that´s why system locked your account.

No worries, your account will be fine, this is global automatic setting of our system, but you have to wait 24 hours since your last try.

After that, your account will be ok again. Please, do not try it before. it will start to count again from zero.

I registered couple of months ago, but now, I am not able to login. Why?

All our old members, without proper membership (means never subscribed), have been deleted from our database during last cleaning of the site.

If you want your account back, no problem, please, register again.

I have monthly/lifetime membership but I do not see the download links ! Why?

Hi, please, try to reload the page (F5) or logout (via button “logout”) and login back.

My 1 month subscription has just expired. I want to upgrade to lifetime membership. Is it possible to deduct the price for monthly membership I already paid?

No, it is not, I am sorry. All prices are final.


What Group Buy means?

GB stands for Group Buy. It’s a way to bring new courses that our members need, by purchasing it for its full price which is done by collecting money from members (members contribute equal shares of the full price).

Each member who is interested to get the GB needs to pay his part.

Can I buy Group Buy separately? Without paid membership?

No, you can´t. Members only. So, become our paid member, with a proper membership, then you will see all our Group Buy options.

How long will my access be active to a Group Buy I bought?

Forever, no matter if your membership is still active or not.

So, I can pay for monthly membership, then for some long-term Group Buy. After a month I will still see the download links for that Group Buy. Correct?

Yes, exactly.

SERVERS, DOWNLOADING, UNPACKING, FILES… How many servers do you use for storing the files?

How many servers do you use for storing the files?

We use 15+ seedboxes to make sure you get your files.


In any cases : write me here: [email protected]